Thursday, May 14, 2009

The Economist & The Immigrant : Life On Earth In The Survival Village

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Canada is our HQ - But, IIIB Provides Global Migration & Settlement Services Through The SVS-IHHI Projects - Target : 20,000,000 New Citizens To Supplant Population Attrition And Economic Growth In Canada Over The Next 20 Years

International Immigration WEB is the resource site for the collaboration between those persons who wish to relocate around the world to a new living or working site - to change citizenship if desired. But, most importantly, the desire is to gain the highest income benefit [Wealth Management] from the their skills and labour. Note: Electric Power Smart Card.
IIIB is a reliable professional group who offers the relocation opportunity into Canada, as a FIRST OPTION. And, within this window are the primary businesses associated with the STT:GWE SVS-IHHI : Private Cities structured around the template of three principal entities : Electric Power / FUSION / Mag-Lev Transportation: Hospitals / Holistic Healing Centers : Biomass R&D. And, the financial Public Bank of Canada is the core economic tool for structuring capital investment success - this business vehicle is created as a private financial feature not within the regulatory jurisdiction of Canada; and, it is associated with the independent banking provisions developed in the United States of America to provide economic development for American Indian indigenous peoples; and, therein, is grandfathered since 1993 as not being required to submit to the regulatory jurisdictions of the SEC.
Extreme Engineering is key to the SVS-IHHI Survival Villages : Extreme Climate change developments designed to come to grips with the unfolding changes occurring around our globe. Research of biomass and the development of new intellectual properties: in particular, in the fields of science known as fusion and old and new alchemy feature a primary factors in these research centers. And, we are sincere in our quest in the matter of gaiawatts.lilliput.

Beyond this original preferred option lies the opportunities to serve in other regions - the international community.
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